Escape Countdown

I’m always looking for something new and exciting to try in Tampa and I finally had a chance to try the Escape Countdown. There are different rooms to choose from, and each has their very own set of clues and puzzles that you have to solve.

The Husband, our friend Jeff and I decided to see if we could successfully break out of jail and wipe our records from the Warden’s computer. We met up at Escape Countdown, excited for our adventure.


Located at 4536 W Kennedy Blvd, this is the only sign indicating where it’s at. Hard to see from the road but I’m told they are working on a sign. (There are also locations in Sarasota and Atlanta, FYI).

Our reservation was for 6:30 and the website asks that you arrive 15 minutes early, so we did. You are greeted in the lobby when you arrive, where you sign a waiver before your adventure starts.



Waiver kiosk.

Any props that you need are brought out before you start. For the Jail Break, we were fitted with orange jumpsuits and handcuffs.


All ready to break out of jail!

We were brought into the Escape Countdown room and locked in our cell. Our “security guard” told us that he left us something somewhere to help us escape and closed us in. (You can leave the room at any time though.)


Locked in and ready to escape!

You have sixty minutes to complete your assigned escape. We were criminals who stole the Super Bowl trophy from the Buc’s headquarters and we needed to escape from our cell, break in to the Warden’s office, and delete our arrest records on his computer.

It was so much fun! We worked together to find and solve clues, and we broke out with just under twenty minutes to spare! It was a great time, and it would be a fantastic team building exercise for a company or a fun way to see how your significant other thinks under pressure.

I was a little nervous at first, because I’m claustrophobic and I hate looking stupid. But neither was an issue! You can get out at anytime on your own; just push a button and open a door. And the clues are hard enough that you don’t feel silly for missing them, but easy enough that you don’t get discouraged (but if you do end up getting a little lost or frustrated, they give you clues on a TV screen in the room).

After we broke out of jail we were given a quick peak at the other rooms and I can’t wait to go back and try them! The Mad Hatter room was truly a work of art and the envy of any young girl. The Paris room was très chic and totally looked like an outdoor café in Paris. And Gasper’s room looked like a set for a Jimmy Buffett music video. It was awesome!

Whether you’re on a date, bored with your friends, or want to test the critical thinking skills of your coworkers, you will have fun at Escape Countdown!

Have you been? Let me know what you think!

Want to go? Let me know about that too!


The tickets were provide to me, but my opinions are all my own (and sometimes the Husband’s).

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