Restaurant Review: Pack’s Tavern Asheville

We arrived in Asheville around 1 PM on a Sunday. This, of course, meant we needed to find a sports bar with NFL Sunday ticket ASAP for the Husband. He googled while I drove from Charleston and decided on Pack’s Tavern. It was close to our hotel and would be showing the Buffalo Bills game.

It was pretty busy when we arrived and there was only one TV showing the Bills game (I guess there’s not a huge following in Asheville). The staff was kind enough to seat us at a large round community table that was near the Bills game. They only ended up seating two other people there and they were so nice.

I decided to order the chicken sandwich and I’m so glad I did. It was the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. It was marinated in pickle juice and tasted fantastic. The chicken was juicy and didn’t actually taste like pickles, but it had a great flavor. I had the tomato and cucumber salad with it (to trick myself in to thinking it’s healthy, of course) and it was so fresh and crisp. Perfect.


The Husband had chicken fingers and fries (shocker, I know) and they were super good too.


Came with a side of Lipitor! I kid, I kid.

The next day as we were wandering all the shops in Asheville we just happened to be by Pack’s Tavern around lunchtime, so we decided we might as well try it again. I was cold, which makes me kinda whiny, and my lunch was the perfect cure.


Cooked just right and nice and warm.

The Husband switched it up a bit and went for the pulled pork sandwich and fries. He really, really liked it.


Pulled pork.

Definitely stop by Pack’s Tavern while you’re in Asheville. There are a lot of really good restaurants, many high end, which the Husband doesn’t like. Pack’s has delicious food without the formal atmosphere.


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  1. Glad to see your husband is getting adventurous! Everything looked great. Was your chicken sandwich boneless? It looked like a huge chicken breast!

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