Tampa Restaurant Review: Perks Donut Bar

The Husband and I worked all weekend, so on our Monday off we decided to go meet our new neighbor, Perks Donut Bar.
The first thing we noticed when we walked in was that the color scheme was nearly the exact same as our house, so we instantly loved it.




So pretty!
We took forever to order the toppings for the fresh baked cake donut. It all sounded so good!
I finally decided on just the maple topping, trying to convince myself that it was in fact fall, even though it’s almost 90 degrees out.

Check out this sweet deliciousness.
The Husband ordered the special, the s’more donut.

Such heavenly amazingness.
The cake donut was perfect. Honestly, I may order it plain next time. It was sweet and soft and the perfect size. The toppings were melt in your mouth fabulous. The maple was sticky and sweet and much better than the cream maple topping you find on other doughnuts. The s’more tasted just like a s’more and it was delicious.
They also serve local beverages. I had a Buddy Brew cold brewed iced coffee and holy moly, talk about caffeine! It was like a delicious jet fuel and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t tired for days!

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