Hotel Review: Loews Regency

It’s no secret that I love the Loews Hotels chain. The Husband and I have stayed at nine, and visited two more. We were married at one, spent many anniversaries and birthdays at others. We’ve been upgraded to the penthouse suite at two different ones.

We’ve also stayed at W Hotels, Andaz Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, the Fontainebleau in Miami, and the Biltmore in Coral Gables. We are no strangers to luxury hotels.

The Loews Regency on Park Ave in Manhattan just completed a $100 million renovation and yowzers, does it show. It puts the hotel at a whole new level of luxury. Everything is so beautiful and luxurious and fabulous.

IMG_9099 edit

Arriving at the Loews Regency.

I fell in love with the decor the second I walked in, and my love affair never ended. I swear I would decorate my house exactly like it.

IMG_9100 edit

The lobby.

The fabulous doorman, Barry, helped us with our luggage from the time we got out of the cab until the time the bellman took it for us. Barry was so nice and helpful, and really set the tone for the extraordinary customer service we would experience during our stay.

The lobby has a lovely sitting area to one side, with comfortable chairs and one of the most gorgeous walls I have ever seen.

IMG_8993 edit

IMG_9104 edit

How beautiful are all of those flowers???

IMG_8994 edit

Even the Husband enjoyed sitting in the window and people-watching.

After the smooth check in and admiration of the lobby, we headed to the elevators. Even they were gorgeous!

IMG_8991 edit

Such a cool design.

And the best part about the elevator was the giant lobby button. Every hotel should follow suit!

IMG_9025 edit

You really can’t miss the lobby button. Genius.

We stepped off the elevator and were yet again surrounded by gorgeousness. Every little detail was just perfect, from the wall color to the lighting to the doorknobs.

IMG_9019 edit

Such soothing colors.

And speaking of the door, the keypad was awesome. No more having to insert that little piece of plastic just right or you’ll get that darn red light!

IMG_9037 edit

Couldn’t be any easier.

Then we walked in to our gorgeous room.

IMG_8971 edit

IMG_8972 edit

The bed was super comfy and the pillows were really nice.

IMG_8973 edit

IMG_8974 edit IMG_8975 edit

IMG_8981 edit

And the bathroom had an electric mirror! Not many things as luxurious as watching TV while brushing your teeth!

IMG_8976 edit

If I ever have an office, I’m getting a desk just like this!!!

IMG_8984 edit IMG_8982 edit

Our room had THREE closets!  In NY?!?!

The robe was the softest, smoothest, loveliest robe I have ever worn. If I lived where it was cold I would have undoubtedly taken one (or two) home with me. Maybe I can still order one? I wanted to wear it everywhere.

And we had a balcony! Oh this room just kept getting better and better.

IMG_8978 edit

IMG_8977 edit

Some people like water views, I prefer views of buildings.

Everything in the room was luxurious. I mean everything. The pen was fancier than the rest of the Loews Hotels.

IMG_9020 edit

The hair products were the greatest I have ever used in my life! Usually my hair and skin is a lot nicer in NYC because my body just loves the water there. But the silkiness and softness of my hair was unbelievable after using the Julien Farel hair products. I took the left over home with me (and resisted the urge to mug the housekeeping staff for their supply) and my hair was just as nice in Tampa. I’m not buying any other conditioner for the rest of my life. I’m serious.

IMG_9088 edit

Even the bathroom products are nicer!

As soon as we had our suitcases settled and we were deciding what to do first, there was a knock on the door. They sent up some fruit and Fiji water, with a nice note welcoming us!

IMG_8985 edit

Such a nice gesture.

We headed down to the second floor and checked out the fitness center and Julien Farel salon.

IMG_9085 edit IMG_9086 edit IMG_9087 edit

We were too fat to use the gym and too busy to use the spa. Hopefully next time.

And on our way out, we checked out the boarding pass desk and the lobby bathroom.

IMG_9102 edit

iPad area where you can print out your boarding pass.

IMG_9101 edit

How gorgeous is this bathroom?!

And the Loews Regency has the coolest sponsored service ever. You can reserve a Fiat to take you anywhere on the island of Manhattan. There is a delightful woman in the lobby (the Fiat ambassador) that will reserve a car for you and she literally did everything she could to set us up with a ride practically as far up Manhattan as you can get. Way above Harlem, and farther than I have ever gone. And it was free! Not only was the ambassador in the lobby super nice, but so was our driver. We chatted the whole way uptown, all the way to La Marina, and he even checked the car and called me to let me know I left my wedding gift in the back seat!

IMG_9038 edit

Surprising amount of leg room. I though the Fiat would be small like my Mini Cooper but it was pretty big and farther up off the ground.

If you ever have the chance to stay at the Loews Regency in NY, you must do it. It is a little pricy, but it is in a pricy area, near all the fancy shops and Central Park. And it is worth every penny. Every inch of the hotel is luxurious. No small detail was missed. Everyone we came across was super friendly and every aspect of the hotel was nicer than you are expecting. I’m so glad I got to cross the Loews Regency off the list!


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