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Thanks Ruthie’s Routes for the nomination! I wasn’t sure exactly what that was or what it meant when I received the nomination. I asked a friend who I knew would have the answer (Google) and the first thing I saw was “chain letter.” Well, as a skeptic, I thought, forget this, I don’t want bad luck or God to strike me down,  like most chain letters claim. But the more I read, the more I discovered that calling it a chain letter was terribly inaccurate.

It’s more like the notebooks my girlfriends and I had in middle school. You know, the one where you ask your friends questions, pass the book on, another friend adds questions, and now you know every little detail about everyone. It’s such a fun way to learn random facts about people and maybe learn a little about yourself.

My girl Ruthie at Ruthie’s Routes sent me some fabulous travel questions.

  1. Are you a full or part time traveler?

Part-time traveler, full time Registered Nurse.

  1. How many countries have you traveled to?

Seven counting the US. I’ve been to England, France, The Bahamas’, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and every province of Canada. I’ve also been to the five major biomes, including the tundra (nerd alert!).

  1. What kind of traveler do you consider yourself to be? Adventurous, Slow Traveler or Backpacker?

I’m a nerdy local traveler. I love going to museums, zoos, and aquariums and also doing the things that the locals do that make the area so special to them. For example, in Newfoundland, I went to a kitchen party and danced with mummers and an ugly stick to Newfie folk music.

  1. What’s your favorite travel movie?

Up! Nothing as romantic as a man going to extreme lengths to travel to a remote and beautiful place that was special to him and his wife.

  1. What kind of travel tip would you offer someone who’s never traveled abroad?

Don’t plan every minute of your trip. Allow yourself to just be immersed in what’s going on around you. When I was in London, I came across a literal circus at Piccadilly Circus. They were there because of the Olympics. It was awesome.

  1. Are you a solo traveler or do you travel with someone or in groups?

I’m either with my husband, Isaac, or my 87 year old grandma. She is the funniest person I know and we laugh the whole time!

  1. If you are a part-time traveler, how often do you travel?

We do a small trip every month or so and a big trip every few months. I’m heading from Tampa to NY tomorrow for a week.

  1. When you travel to different places, what activities do you enjoy more than others? Do you enjoy the beaches or do prefer to hike or someone that just likes to vacation and explore their immediate surrounding?

I really like to see things that I can’t see anywhere else. I’m a sucker for tourist traps that claim to have the worlds biggest something or lookout points with great views. One of my favorite travel activities is going to a local dive bar, having a local favorite, and learning what I should really see from the bartender. They tend to be the best tour guides.

  1. What is your travel niche?

Local travel. If you ask me what a must do is at a place I’ve been, chances are it’s a random off the map place that the locals introduced me to.

10. When you travel, what kind of electronics must you travel with?

I always have my iPhone and iPad. Then I’m least likely to get lost or miss something.

11. What country or countries will you not travel to?

I would go anywhere. I love learning new cultures and seeing how other people live. I would obviously avoid countries while they are in turmoil, but eventually they work their issues out.


I am not going to nominate anyone for the award. First, I’m not sure what I would ask. And a lot of bloggers feel like it takes up too much of their time, which we all know is too little to begin with. I also have no idea who I would nominate.

Thanks again Ruthie for nominating me! I had a lot of fun reflecting on all my travels to come up with the questions you asked.

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