Tampa Event: Epicurean Hotel Open House

The Epicurean Hotel recently held a neighborly love open house, where we were lucky enough to sample items from the different areas of the hotel.

The Epicurean Hotel is more than your average hotel; it’s a gastronomic experience. We started in the Bern’s wine shop, where we were served wine with cheese and charcuterie.

DSC_4390 edit

The Husband making me a cheese plate to go with my fantastic red wine!

DSC_4392 edit

The wine shop.

The theatre was pretty full so we headed across the parking lot to the French patisserie Chocolate Pi. They had the most gorgeous spread of dessert.  Macarons, marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate pops that looked like they were straight out of a French magazine! And they tasted so amazing and sweet.

DSC_4395 edit

Looks just like the shops on Rue Cler in Paris!

DSC_4397 edit

The adorable sweets counter.

DSC_4398 edit

Chocolate Pi. So clever. And delicious.

My favorite were the salted caramel macarons. They were just the right amount of sweet and salty, soft and firm. Just perfect.

DSC_4396 edit

And oh so pretty!

We decided to leave before we ate every single macaron and marshmallow in the store and headed to the Epicurean Theatre. They had appetizers and cocktails to try. So we sat in the theatre and enjoyed a crab puff and a delicious gin cocktail.

DSC_4401 edit

The gin cocktail reminded me of the Hendrick’s Gin Experience I attended at the Epicurean Theatre.

DSC_4403 edit

The theatre has classes where you can learn about cooking or spirits. Check out the awesome class schedule.

Our next and last stop was their Evangeline Spa. It was so calming and peaceful, even full of people. And keeping with the Bern’s wine theme, they had over 12,000 corks decorating one of the walls!

DSC_4408 edit

A fresh herb garden, wine corks, and Moët & Chandon? Am I in heaven?

We tried some of their products and even got to take home some awesome samples.

DSC_0027 edit

We decided to walk by the main restaurant, Élevage, and head up to the rooftop bar, Edge, and have a drink while we waited for our Lyft driver.

DSC_4415 edit DSC_4414 edit


DSC_0019 edit DSC_0017 edit

Edge and it’s lovely view of Tampa.

And, of course, no event is complete until you’ve taken a selfie to prove you were really there.


The Husband and I, waiting for our ride.

I had such a great time seeing what the Epicurean Hotel is all about. It’s so nice to see such a fresh, original idea so close to home. I can see a lot of drinks being enjoyed at the rooftop bar.



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