Restaurant Review: Windjammers, Rochester, NY

The Husband and I have made more trips than usual to WNY lately so we’ve been able to cross a bunch of place off our WNY list (side note: should I share our list? Let me know in the comments below!). We’ve had Windjammers Bar and Grill on our list for a while and finally made the drive up to Charlotte Beach to try them.

They’ve won a ton of awards for their wings so we thought deciding what to eat would be easy. Instead, they had one of the largest wing flavor menus I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever seen so many wing options?

We usually get a medium/hot wing sauce the first time we try a restaurant. We figure that is the baseline for all good chicken wings. Just like a margherita pizza, if you can’t do those right, I don’t trust the rest of them.

We ended up ordering the Buffalo hot saucy wings and the harbor dry seasoned wings. The wings were a really good size and they were cooked perfectly; crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The Buffalo hot was exactly what you would want and expect out of a Buffalo hot sauce. I like my wings saucy but I was very pleasantly surprised with the dry seasoned wings. They had so much flavor without being salty and the outside had a nice light crunch that made them super enjoyable.

There are a lot of good wing in WNY (obviously) and these are no exception. We were already discussing who we need to go to Windjammers next to try the wings before we left.