Restaurant Review: Trapizzino, Rome, Italy

Trapizzino is an Italian street food, similar to a pizza pocket except fresh and delicious. These adorable pizza cones are fun to eat, whether you grab a seat at the restaurant or order at the take-away window.

We walked over to the Trastevere location on a late afternoon and were fortunate that there was no line, which is rare. We grabbed a table outside and the staff was so nice. They explained what a trapizzino was, as well as all the different flavors.

We ordered three trappizini, one for The Husband and two for me. They came out on a rack similar to tacos.

The Husband ordered the classic pollo alla cacciatora. It was like a fluffy pizza pocket full of perfectly seasoned chicken. He loved it so much he almost ordered a bunch more (but wanted to save room for gelato).

I couldn’t pick just one, so I ordered two. I felt like I had to try a classic trapizzino, so I ordered the polpetta al sugo. The sauce was delicious and the meatball was perfect. The reason I rarely eat meat isn’t because I’m a vegetarian, but because it generally grosses me out. But not this meatball. The consistency and way it was cooked was wonderful.

I also ordered one of the specials of the day, the carciofo (artichoke). The artichoke was soft and flavorful. The dough absorbed the sauce the artichoke was cooked in and it was heavenly. I seriously could eat just that bread every day.

Trapizzino is the perfect place to grab a quick bite in the middle of a long day of site seeing. I can see many more visits in our future.