Tampa Business Review: Kodawari Studios

My ever-growing and always-popular neighborhood has a new business, and it’s unlike anything else. Part gym, part restaurant, part relaxation, it’s all encompassing at Kodawari Studios. My girlfriend Ashly and I stopped over for lunch after a hardcore kickboxing class and we were happy to see that the menu was organic, non-GMO, gluten free (or traces of gluten), no aspartame, and all wholesome. They offer coffee, teas, and smoothies on the beverage menu and we both tried their signature coffee, the Blended Fat coffee. Organic coffee was mixed with coconut oil and instead of milk or cream, they use grass-fed butter. The result is smooth and creamy, and high in healthy fats.


For lunch, Ashly ordered the sausage and broccoli quiche. It was light and airy and melted in your mouth.


I had the Lavash pizza (I mean, of course I had the pizza!). It’s made on a millet and flax tortilla and covered with organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, tricolored peppers, spinach, avocado, and hemp seeds. It was surprisingly flavorful and delicious for something so healthy.


I could seriously eat this everyday.

Kodawari is not just delicious food. They also have yoga, hot yoga, a float pod, massage, and a retail area with fair trade jewelry and items for your home, not to mention my favorite thing, greeting cards!

I’m really excited to try the float pod. I’ve always wanted to, but I’m claustrophobic and very antsy. I can’t imagine being able to lay for an hour in there, but I still want to try. I’m also really excited to take their yoga classes.




You can find updated class schedules and massage info on their website.