Museum of Literature Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

If you know me, you know that books are my second favorite thing, after travel. I love all things reading and writing, so a visit to the Museum of Literature Ireland was a must-do.

The museum is a beautiful new museum, opened to the public in 2019, that showcases the wonderful history of Irish literature. Despite being located in a lovely old house, the museum has modern, and often interactive displays.

Most notably, the museum also has the first copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

One of my favorite exhibits was in the room next to Ulysses. There are speakers hanging from the ceiling where you can listen to advice and stories from writers. Paper and pen are provided, if writing inspiration strikes (I was just coming off a three day stomach flu, so I didn’t want anything to strike).

There is a beautiful garden out back, but like every day we’ve been in Dublin, it was raining so we didn’t get a chance to go check it out.

The ground floor of the museum has a cute shop, full of all the literature-themed things you could want. I behaved and only bought one book and one notebook. There’s also a cafe, with delicious looking breakfast and lunch options.

The Museum of Literature Ireland was a great way to learn about Irish literature and spend some time out of the rain and away from the pubs.

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