Game of Thrones Studio Tour, Northern Ireland

This isn’t the first Game of Thrones post on here (we also did a tour in Dubrovnik) and it won’t be the last. The Husband is a huge fan and wants to see everything we can about the show while we’re here, and the Game of Thrones Studio was at the top of the list.

Located about 25 miles outside of Belfast in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, is the actual studio used by Linen Mill Studios to film GoT. We didn’t rent a car, so thankfully they have a shuttle bus option from Belfast city center. You can also park in Banbridge and take a shuttle to the studio. There is no onsite parking.

When you arrive, you can check your coats and pick up your audio guide if you booked one. The Husband added the mobile audio guide to his ticket. He learned a lot more about each area and found it to be very useful. Since I’ve never seen the show, the info with the displays was enough for me (I was lost anyway).

Pro tip: Use your own phone by booking the mobile audio tour and bring headphones

After a short video, you begin your self-guided tour in the studio. The video was loud, and was too scary for the kid standing behind me. If you want to bring your kids, you may want to see if you can skip the video.

The studio is full of actual sets and costumes from the show. It is incredible to see how much detail went into making this show. The costume and set designers are the real star of the show.

For almost two hours, we wandered through the very large studio, seeing almost every prop from the show. They also had a ton of fun interactive areas, where you could shoot the Wights with a fake bow and arrow, and become different CGI characters. The tour, of course, ends with the throne.

They also have two cafes, one at the beginning of the studio and one about halfway through the tour. Of course, they have a very robust gift shop and tons of opportunities to take pretty cool green screen photos.

At £41.25 per ticket, including bus transfer, it was a great deal. We spent over two hours at the studio, and saw everything The Husband hoped to see. This studio tour is a must for any Game of Thrones fan.

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