Game of Thrones Tour, Dubrovnik, Croatia

First, I have to admit I’ve never seen the show. I know, I know, shame on me. But The Husband loved it so we couldn’t stop in Dubrovnik on our cruise to Greece and Croatia and not go on a tour.

Before I jump into the tour, I have to say that we have been sleeping on Dubrovnik. It’s so gorgeous, full of history, and has delicious food. Why haven’t we been here before?! If you had any doubt that Croatia is worth visiting, squash it. It’s a gorgeous country and everyone we met in our short visit was so nice.

Now onto the GoT tour. We did a two-hour tour because our stop was very short (too short). We took a taxi from the port to the Old Town, which was about €20. The Old Town is mainly pedestrian, so the taxi dropped us outside the walls and we headed in to meet the tour at the giant fountain right inside.

After meeting our tour guide we jumped right into the tour and headed to Fort Lovrijenac, where the majority of scenes were filmed. It was a very hot climb up a lot of stairs, but it was worth it just for the view. Side note: you can rent the whole fort out and get married there. Someone please invite me to a wedding there!

Our guide had a notebook full of photos from the show and from filming to show exactly where scenes had been filmed. She had so much knowledge about the filming, where the cast stayed, and how they kept people from sharing spoilers during filming. Not only were local business paid well for closing, many of the local residents were extras in the show, including our guide’s boyfriend.

After the fort, we walked around Old Town and saw other spots from the show, and ended at the stairs from the walk of shame (they used two different sets of stairs for that scene), which I was forced to reenact after I admitted I’ve never seen the show, thankfully with my clothes on.

Not only do I highly recommend visiting Croatia, but I also recommend this tour, whether you’ve seen the show or not. At $54.41 for both of us, it was worth it for the views and the history of Dubrovnik. Wear sneakers and hat if it’s summer, because it is a steep walk up to the fort and it’s very hot and sunny up there.