The Museums of Paris

I had always dreamed of going to Paris. As a teenager in high school, I was obsessed with French class and Madame Hughes’ stories of travel to France. I knew that it made more sense to take Spanish (and now that I live in Tampa AKA little Havana, I really wish I would have taken Spanish) but I loved the romance, elegance, designers, art, museums, and food that France, and consequently the French language, offered.

So when the Husband mentioned France for our honeymoon CLEARLY I was thrilled.  We stayed right next to the Eiffel Tower and I was so excited to see it from our room that I ran smack in to the window and smashed my face. Literally. Like left grease on the window. Not my most graceful moment.


Seriously, could I look any happier?!

I managed to drag the Husband to quite of a few of the main museums in Paris. We obviously started with the Louvre. I love the old, main building with its gorgeous detail and architecture, but I don’t really understand the glass pyramid. Sure, it’s beautiful but it doesn’t seem to fit the area.



My favorite type of art is sculptures, with architecture and fashion tied as a close second. The sculpture “garden” at the Louvre is exactly how I picture my grand entry would be if I was a billionaire.

DSC_1678 DSC_1684

We obvious visited the famous residents at the Louvre.

DSC_0619 DSC_1698

Why hello ladies.


We spent a few hours walking around the vast expanse of the Louvre before the Husband decided he had enough and we left. But I’m pretty sure we saw 90% of it, even if it was brief.

We also visited the Musee d’Orsay. They are not as liberal with photography inside but the building is beautiful and the Van Gogh section was tres, tres impressive.


The Husband and I outside Musee d’Orsay.

The museum I was the most excited to visit was the Rodin Museum. The Thinker is one of my all time favorite pieces of art and I was super excited to go to the museum.


I know, I’m a huge nerd.

DSC_1849 DSC_1855

Randomly, this was outside the museum and I thought it was super cute.


How clever.

We took the train out to the Palace of Versailles and holy cow, what a museum of decadence and extravagance that place is! It’s truly hard to comprehend how much money went in to the Palace.

DSC_1971 DSC_1958

The inside was kind of a let down. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I didn’t really enjoy being there. We had to wait in a huge line just to get in and were shuffled through.

The gardens were awesome. It’s actually a separate ticket and so worth it.

DSC_1914 DSC_1937 DSC_1938

So gorgeous!

Our last museum was the Paris Sewer Museum. Weird, I know, but like I said, I’m a huge nerd and also, it was hot out and cool down in the sewers. So it only seemed natural for us to go. And it was actually really interesting. The sewers of Paris set the standard for sewers everywhere and it wasn’t gross at all.


Sewer sculptures lol.

Next time the Husband takes me to Paris, we are going to go to as many of the smaller, lesser known museums as he can stand. It’s not like he didn’t know what he was getting in to when he said I do.