Tampa Restaurant Review: AJ’s Press

You know it’s a good sandwich when the chef of a different restaurant says it’s the best sandwich in Tampa. Add the fact that it has over 100 5-star ratings on Yelp and we knew we had to try AJ’s Press.

AJ’s Press is a little gem of a sandwich place tucked back behind a Mercedes dealership, near the Bucs stadium and the Yankee’s spring training stadium. Brightly colored and very unassuming, it is a little slice of foodie heaven.


The moment you walk in you know that you made the right lunch decision. A warm welcome from the staff, immediately followed by an inquiry if it’s your first time there. Say yes, and you immediately get offered a free hushpuppy to try. It’s not a regular hushpuppy; it’s a glorious little ball full of jalapeno and bacon!


So good that we had a whole order!

The Husband had the Crunchy Chicken sandwich. Crunchy, delicious, and everything that the Husband likes on a chicken sandwich. I wish I knew how to make chicken like that!


And look a that bread! Flaky, soft, and perfectly pressed.

Sometimes, I know that I need to put aside my dislikes for certain things and try something that I think will be amazing. I hate pork. But I just had a feeling that the Cuban sandwich at AJ’s might be the best in Tampa, so I ordered it. And it was amazing! The meat was cooked perfectly and there was the perfect amount of pickles and mustard. Hands down my new favorite Cuban sandwich.


Check out those lattice chips, made fresh right there!

AJ’s Press is an absolute must, whether you live in Tampa or are just visiting.