Tampa Restaurant Review: Oxford Exchange

I’veĀ  had Oxford Exchange on my Tampa restaurant bucket list for a loooooong time. I really wanted to take the Husband there and it’s not very often that we are free for lunch together. We have heard so many good things about and we finally got to see if the hype was worth it.

Well, let me tell you. It’s 100%, hands down, absolutely worth the hype, and then some. It exceeded my expectations from the moment we pulled up.

I thought for sure we would have a hard time finding a parking space but there was one right out front. I immediately fell in love with the gas lanterns. They are one of my favorite pieces of decor of all time. They can seriously make anything look classy.

Then we walked in and were seated in the atrium. It was so beautiful with the giant windows, the gorgeous flooring, and of course more gas lanterns. The middle was a dry fountain that also provided seating and it was so unique and gorgeous.20140204-063315.jpg

The atrium.

They also have in inside dining area, in case the atrium is too full or too bright for you. The decor inside is just as fabulous.

The beautifully decorated dining room.
They serve Buddy Brew coffee. I knew that they served their lattes with a beautiful design so I had to order one. And I’m so glad I did. Not only was it so pretty but it was delicious. It was not bitter or overpowering. It was the perfect marriage of coffee and milk.

My perfect latte.

I ordered the lobster BLT. I have a hard time saying to anything that involves lobster. And I’m thankful for that, because my sandwich was delicious. It wasn’t stuffed so full of the BLT part that it fell apart, which happens a lot. It also had just the right amount of fresh lobster. It was huge portion and could only finish half. It came with fries, and they were really good too, but it was too much food for me. Thank goodness for to-go containers.

The perfect lobster BLT. I mean, look at how awesome the browning on the bread is!

The Husband ordered the chicken burger. Oh. My. God. It was so amazing that I’m drooling just thinking about it. I would literally give anything to have one right now. And the Husband agrees. He is super picky and orders chicken sandwiches of some sort nearly every time we go out. He said it was by far the best chicken sandwich he’s ever had. We still talk about it. I get antsy just thinking about when we’re going to have it again.

The greatest chicken burger ever.

After we finished our fabulous lunch we checked out all the other rooms. They have tons of cute home goods and books for sale. So much stuff to look at. It all seemed high quality, which also generally means high priced, but it looked like it may be worth it. There were so many unique little things, and I would love to have them all in my house.




Oxford Exchange might possibly be my new go-to for lunch. And the afternoon tea sounds so good, I can’t wait to take my grandma!