Tampa Restaurant Review: Bern’s Steakhouse

Bern’s Steakhouse is known as one of the best steakhouses in the country with an award-winning wine cellar, and we’re lucky to have it right here in Tampa. After living here for nearly a decade, we finally made a reservation and went for dinner, and my only disappointment was that we hadn’t gone years earlier!

Entrance at Bern’s Steakhouse.

We made a reservation to celebrate my birthday. Since we both don’t really care for steak we always ended up going somewhere else for special occasions, but after a girl in a wine shop in Sausalito, CA, asked us about Bern’s when we said we were from Tampa and we had to admit that we’d never been, we knew it was time.

Well, the joke was on us because IT WAS AMAZING! Just like everyone said. Yes, everyone, you were 100% absolutely right. And we’re idiots. Just the wine list alone was enough to start my love affair.

Yes, that’s the wine list!

When we finally decided on a bottle the waiter brought it out and poured it in the most ceremonial wine pouring I’ve ever received.

I want all wine to be served to me like this!

Now, let’s talk about the food. The Husband, shockingly, ordered steak. But when in Rome… I ordered the scallops because I heard they were a delicious choice if you don’t like steak.  What everyone failed to mention to me was that each dinner comes with soup and salad, a baked potato, and veggies! It was so much food!

Check out this beautiful crock of French onion soup!
Baked potatoes so good that even the Husband liked it!

Now for the entrees. The Husband ordered filet mignon.

I even tried it and liked it!

My scallops were perfectly cooked and so delicious!

Look at all that food!

Everything was amazing, as expected. The service was fantastic and so attentive and the food was perfect. Not that we had any room left, but we knew we had to end the night in Harry Waugh Dessert Room. Although you can’t make reservations, your waiter can reserve you a table to be ready when you’re done with dinner.

On our way to the Dessert Room, we took a tour through the kitchen and wine cellar. Truth be told, this is the part I was the most excited for.


Just a very small fraction of the more than half a MILLION of bottles they have!

After I was dragged out of the wine cellar (I could have just read the labels for days) we headed up to the Dessert Room. We sat at a table near the piano player, but if you were at a table farther away, you could call him from your table with requests!

“Happy Birthday, please.”

I ordered the macadamia nut sundae because it is widely considered the best dessert there. And although I don’t like sundaes or nuts, I couldn’t get enough of this! It was creamy, homemade ice cream full of macadamia nuts and it was perfect.

The Husband’s strawberry shortcake and my sundae.

Honestly, as I write this I feel like we need to go back every week for a year, just to make up for lost time. I can’t wait to go back!