Airbnb Review: Belfast, Northern Ireland

We only scheduled four nights in Belfast, so we went back and forth about hotel vs Airbnb. I tend to like a hotel for a shorter stay but The Husband prefers Airbnbs for most stays, regardless of length. Let me know in the comments where you stand on hotels vs Airbnbs.

Anyway, we found this beautiful, newly renovated apartment on Airbnb so we decided to stay there. It’s inside the historic Castle Building and right in the city center. Shopping, restaurants, and even most tour pickup locations are within a few blocks. And a Tim Horton’s, which made my Buffalo heart so very happy!

The apartment is super secure, with a total of three doors and three different codes to access. We felt safe in the neighborhood but after the unexpected riots in Lyon, we’re a wee bit weary.

The hallways leading to the large elevator, as well as the stairways, had lovely murals on the wall. Belfast was a lot artsier than I expected.

The apartment is designed really well. The living room has a comfortable couch and some of the prettiest windows I’ve ever seen. Part of the original building, the large, arched windows were both aesthetically pleasing, and functional, as they let a lot of light in and provided a great view of the city center.

The kitchen is the perfect apartment size, and has everything you could want. Not only does it have a dishwasher (which we didn’t use) but it had a washer and a dryer! While the cycle to wash and dry was really long (over five hours) it worked better than any we’ve used the last four months.

The bedroom is a good size for a city. The bed was comfy and the curtains kept the room so dark. There’s a nice little desk area, but no outlet, so I wrote at the kitchen table instead.

The bathroom is the perfect minimalist bathroom. The shower pressure was great and built in mirror light in the mirror was nice.

The only slight downside was that it was a little warmer than usual while we were there, and the apartment got a little warm and stuffy. It’s not usually warm there, so there isn’t AC, but the fan they left was sufficient.

At $756 for four nights, it was a great value. If I returned to Belfast I would absolutely stay here again.