Gelato Review: FataMorgana

FataMorgana was on The Husband’s long list of gelato to try, and we happened to walk by it after dinner when there wasn’t a wait.

Like most of the good gelaterias in Rome, they only use fresh, local ingredients and have tons of flavors. You can tell the gelato is good, proper Italian gelato by the colors (not too vibrant, no artificial coloring) and the way it’s served. If there are heaping piles of gelato it probably has something in it to keep it from going bad. Good gelato will be just at the container top at most. See how natural the colors look?

I wasn’t hungry but they had basil gelato and I have been dying to try it! I ordered a small gelato with basil and rice milk favors. It was so freaking good. I don’t love sweets so this was the perfect gelato for me.

The flavors are based on what’s in season so the menu evolves. FataMorgana has a lot of fun and innovative flavors, things you wouldn’t expect to see paired together but sound delicious. Definitely add FataMorgana to your Rome list, especially if you are an adventurous eater!