Gelato Review: Frigidarium, Rome, Italy

The thing about gelato in Italy is that even bad gelato is good. Don’t get me wrong, really good gelato is obviously better than okay gelato. Which is why we’re trying to hit all the great gelato places.

Frigidarium was on most of the lists of best gelato, so of course it ended up on our list. We walked by it a few times but there was a long line and since it’s close to where we’re staying we figured we would stop when there wasn’t a line.

Then it finally happened. We were walking to an early lunch at Trapizzino and when we went by, there wasn’t a single person in line.

They don’t have as many flavors at some of the other gelaterias but they still have a lot of options.

The options are pretty unique and span a lot of different tastes. The Husband ordered a medium cone with a couple very sweet, cookie style options. It was so pretty and he really liked it.

I have this weird thing where eating something sweet first for the day gives me a stomach ache. And yes, it was around noon but I’ve adopted a leisurely sleep schedule here. So I ordered strawberry and lemon sorbet. For you WNYers, the lemon sorbet tasted like an elevated version of Anderson’s! It was so good and tasted like home.

Overall, it was really good, but the bar is really high here. I’m not sure I would wait in a long line for it. But if you walk by and it’s not busy, I would definitely stop and check it out.