Gelato Review: La Romana, Rome, Italy

After six weeks and multiple visits, I can confidently say that La Romana is my favorite gelato in Rome.

They easily pass the initial test of true gelato: artisanal, natural colors, and stored in metal containers with tops, all indications that it doesn’t contain artificial coloring or preservatives. You can even watch them making gelato! (Pro tip: if the pistachio gelato is bright green, go somewhere else).

They have tons of flavors, and they’re all listed in Italian. It’s a popular place, so use the time waiting in line to translate the flavors. But the flavor that cemented the top spot for us was biscotto dalla nonna (grandma’s cookies). It is so full of flavor, not too sweet, and incredibly creamy.

You also have the option of adding chocolate or caramel in the bottom of the cone, both of which are flowing freely behind the counter. I’m a sucker for anything with hot caramel, so this definitely helped move La Romana to my top spot.

They also have sundaes, smoothies, crepes, and pastries, but I don’t know why you would go there and not get a cone of gelato.

When you go to Rome, La Romana must be on your list of gelaterias to go to!