Airbnb Review: Marseille, France

We picked an Airbnb in Marseille near the old port because we wanted something convenient, not far from the train station and centrally located to the main tourist attractions.

All the Airbnbs in Marseille had something a little quirky about them, making it hard to pick. We finally decided on one that had everything we needed, but the reviews were a little weird. They said the owner had photos all over to show where each item was supposed to be, such as a picture of the cupboard so you knew where the plates went. In reality, the reviews were a bit dramatic (I know, calling the kettle black) but the photos were more for the cleaners to know where to put things, and I appreciated knowing where everything was.

The apartment was on the 7th floor with an elevator, and had AC and a washing machine. It was clean and tidy, and the AC worked great. The kitchen was well stocked and the living room had nice, if not a bit uncomfortable, furniture. The bedroom was fine and stayed dark, and the AC worked great in there, too.

The bathroom was little weird. The toilet was in a room by itself on one side of a closet, the sink and shower on the other. The doors were sliding frosted glass, which, let’s be honest, no one wants.

To make up for the weird bathroom situation, the apartment had a lovely view of the port and water.

At $622 for four nights, it was a great deal and worth staying at despite the bathroom and photos. If I returned to Marseille and wanted to stay near the old port, I would book this Airbnb again.

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