Restaurant Review: Pico’s Taqueria, Rome, Italy

Yes, I went for tacos in Rome. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the pizza and pasta and paninis in Rome, but sometimes ya just need a taco. And hot sauce. I really miss hot sauce.

Pico’s Taqueria in Trastevere has really good reviews, so when I finally broke and needed non-Italian food, that’s where we headed.

The restaurant had a very cute Mexican theme. It was what you would expect a Mexican place in Rome to look like, but it wasn’t tacky.

We started with red sangria and a beer. The sangria was delicious.

The Husband had tacos and chicken bites. Honestly, we mostly ordered the chicken bites to get the hot sauce. And it was so hot. I loved it.

I ordered a burrito because I wanted all the things, rice, veggies, beans, cheese, jalapenos, all the good stuff. And it was so tasty. I was very impressed with how good it was.

If you’re just visiting Rome, I don’t know that you should have tacos, because there is much better food to eat. But if you’re here for a longer time and need a taco fix, highly recommend Pico’s Taqueria.

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