Giardino degli Arancia (Orange Trees Garden), Rome, Italy

Giardino degli Arancia (Orange Trees Garden) in Parco Savello has some of the most beautiful views in Rome. It’s located at the top of Aventine Hill, but the uphill walk is totally worth it.

The park is full of orange trees (hence the name) and they provide so much shade and a wonderful fragrance. There are plenty of places to sit and relax and just enjoy the beautiful view.

As you walk down the main path you’ll see St Peter’s Basilica out in the distance. It’s a crazy optical illusion: the closer you get to it, the smaller it looks.

You also have a view of other incredible sites in Rome, including the Victor Emmanuel II Monument (AKA Alter of the Fatherland) and the Tiber River.

Once you’re done enjoying the beautiful park, head out the gates and go right for a couple blocks. You’ll find the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, which is where the now IG-famous keyhole view of St Peter’s Basilica is. Find the big green door and and look in through the keyhole, and you should see it. There were big white tents set up inside when we went, so we unfortunately couldn’t see it.

Door with the keyhole view of St Peter’s Basilica

If you visit from late April to mid June, be sure to stop at the Rose Garden on your walk down!

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  1. This is one of my favorite spots in Rome! So sorry you didn’t get to look through the key hole in the door. It is so cool!

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