Restaurant Review: Seu Pizza Illuminati, Rome, Italy

If you’ve been following us for the last three weeks (well, really the last 10+years) you’ll know that we are on a mission to try all the best pizza.

Seu Pizza Illuminati was on every ‘best of’ list that we read. Not surprising, since it’s the 6th best pizza place in Italy, and 8th best in the world!

They take reservations, and the normal times are booked weeks in advance. We booked a table for a Saturday at 3 pm.

Like many of the best restaurants in Rome, it’s a bit away from the touristy area, in Trastevere. We walked the 1.5 miles from our Airbnb and were definitely ready for lunch when we got there (side note: we haven’t been in a moving vehicle since our ride from the airport weeks ago).

I was impressed before we even ordered our pizza. The decor and details were the perfect blend of expected and unexpected, and carefully thought through. The place mats were metal and had a spot to hold your silverware. I’ve never seen this before but I hate putting my silverware on the table. Genius.

They have mix of classic pizzas, Roman pizze, and Seu pizzas (unique pizzas). The Husband ordered the classic margherita, since we always try that at a new place. It was pizza perfection. The dough was fluffy and flavorful, the sauce was delicious, and, despite being the proper thin crust it was still sturdy. The basil was so fresh and the cheese to slice ratio was perfect.

I had Nanny’s Darling. It has peppers, cheese, mixed leaves, and olive powder. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. The veggies had so much flavor. I could have eaten bowls of just those.

Seu Pizza Illuminati quickly jumped to our top pizza in Rome. We loved it so much that we made two more reservations before we leave! If you’re visiting Rome, your trip will not be complete without eating at Seu Pizza Illuminati.

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