Restaurant Review: Pizzeria da Michele, Rome, Italy

Yes, that Pizzeria da Michele, the famous one in Napoli, has a location in Rome (and many other places!). We really liked it when we went to Naples a few years ago so we were super excited to find one in Rome.

The location in Rome is inside a children’s museum. Seems a little weird but it works. We arrived at the beginning of the lunch hour, so we got a table right away. Very different than in Naples, where you get a number and wait for it to be called to get a table.

We each ordered a pizza, and they were huge! The Husband got a margherita, and I had the buffalo mozzarella margherita. They were both delicious, but we could have easily shared one. The buffalo mozzarella was a few Euros more and definitely richer with more cheese, but not necessarily better than the classic margherita.

If you are planning on going to Rome and Naples, I would go to the Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, because it’s a whole experience. If you’re only going to Rome, I would definitely check out Pizzeria da Michele here.

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