Bar Review: The Court, Rome, Italy

The Court is a courtyard bar, located inside Palazzo Manfredi, a high-end hotel in Rome. What makes The Court special is it’s view of the Colosseum.

The bar is the area between the buildings with the umbrellas and warmers

We made sunset reservations on a weekday, and it was still quite busy. When we arrived, we were directed to a small lounge to wait, along with a few other couples. The room was adorable and had a Beatles blanket on the couch, so of course I loved it (huge Beatles fan).

We were seated at a small table in the front of the seating area. It had a great view of the Colosseum, until someone sat in front of us.

They have award-winning mixologists, and their cocktails are all very interesting (and very expensive, at €27 each). The Husband had a banana flavored cocktails that he said tasted like a delicious dessert cocktail. It had a large cube of ice with The Court imprinted on it, and a piece of dark chocolate as garnish.

I had the First Reaction…Shock. It was a delightful gin cocktail with a dramatic smokey entrance (you can see the video on my Instagram). It was so good. One of the best cocktails I’ve ever had (that’s not saying much, since we don’t drink much liquor).

The drinks also came with a large spread of snacks. Little ham sandwiches with truffle on top, little artichoke and roasted red pepper sandwiches, olives, nuts, and potato chips. The little sandwiches were pretty tasty.

I grabbed a few pics of the Colosseum after sunset, too. it’s honestly so beautiful and impressive all times of the day.

Unless you love fancy cocktails, I would pass on The Court. It’s expensive, you might still have a blocked view, and you can see the Colosseum from plenty of other places. For a high-end cocktail experience with a view, Oro Bistrot is a much better option.

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