Restaurant Review: Pasta e Vino, Rome, Italy

Pasta e Vino has three locations around Rome and is known for using fresh, local ingredients and having a price point for everyone. After walking by the Largo di Torre Argentina location and watching them make pasta in the window, we decided to stop for dinner.

There isn’t outdoor seating and the inside was surprisingly small, but they are very efficient and tables turn over pretty fast by Roman standards. There was a short wait when we went, and they gave us a little glass of Prosecco while we waited.

The pasta menu is different than many here in Rome. You pick your type of pasta, then pick the sauce.

Since they were making ravioli in the window I ordered that with cacio e pepe sauce. There’s a reason that cacio e pepe is traditionally served with tagliolini noodles. I think the long noodles help evenly distribute the cheese and pepper, which ended up being pretty concentrated on the ravioli. It still tasted good, and the pasta was definitely fresh, but the sauce was a little overwhelming.

The Husband ordered the salsicciona pinsa, which is tomatoes, mozzarella, and sausage. It was good, and anywhere else it probably would have been great, but the bar is really high in Rome.

At only €45, including a bottle of Prosecco, it was a great deal. It’s amazing to me how “cheap” the food is here, while maintaining such a high quality and freshness.

If you’re looking for a quick meal at a low cost but still pretty good, I recommend going here. Just don’t get cacio e pepe on the ravioli.

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