Restaurant Review: Cru Cellars Westshore Marina

In my rounds to see my friends before we move I’ve been also going to places I’ve been meaning to check out but just haven’t yet.

For dinner with my girlfriend Didi, we finally went to Cru Cellers at Westshore Marina. It was my first time in that “new” area and I was impressed with how cute it was.

The inside of Cru Cellars is really nice. It has that minimalist, trendy chic vibe. The high ceiling and exposed beams look very nice, but it is so loud in there. If you were trying to have a serious convo I would not recommend doing it there.

We started with wine and cheese curds. We had the sparkling rosé out of CA that is exclusive to Cru Cellars. It was sweeter than my usual preference but still very tasty. The cheese curds were delightful, like most fried cheese curds are.

For dinner, I had the grilled shrimp Caeser salad. The shrimp was cooked perfectly and I love a Scotch egg in my salad.

My girlfriend had the steak sandwich but I forgot to take a pic. I didn’t try it but she really liked it.

There’s also a lot of outdoor seating. Next time I would sit outside, if the weather is nice.

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