Bar Review: Cane + Barrel

Cane + Barrel, a Cuban-inspired rooftop bar and restaurant, just opened at the new AC Marriott in downtown St Pete.

We love a rooftop bar so we were super excited to check it out. We made a late afternoon reservation, thinking we would have cocktails and some apps before dinner.

The location was pretty easy to find. There was a sign outside and a super cute Instagram wall before you get to the elevators.

There was a line for the elevator but that’s expected for a rooftop bar that’s only been open a week. After a short wait, we headed up to the 8th floor. The building itself is pretty tall, so I was surprised that the rooftop was only on the 8th floor.

The inside is gorgeous. I loved the Cuban style colors and design, and the bright colors made it feel so fun and very Florida.

The rooftop view is basically the parking garage next door. There are some city views, and a sliver of water, but otherwise it’s cement and cars.

We ordered cocktails off their signature menu. I wanted Frida’s Flowers but wanted to sub Bombay gin for Hendricks and was surprised, and disappointed, to learn they pre-make their cocktails so there are no substitutes. I ordered it anyway, because it sounded so good, but I hate Bombay gin and all I could taste was the gin. At least it was a beautiful cocktail.

The Husband had the Feeling Good, a rum cocktail with mint syrup and lavender. It was premade but actually pretty good, and so pretty. I don’t generally like rum but I would definitely order this drink.

Despite having a reservation, it took about ten minutes to be seated, and another 30 minutes to get our drinks. We decided we didn’t want to wait any longer for food, so we got our check and left.

They had only been open about a week and a half, so service issues are bound to happen. I hope they figure out the flow and I look forward to returning when they do.

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