Restaurant Review: Torchy’s Tacos, St Pete

An Austin fast-food favorite, Torchy’s Tacos, opened recently in St Pete and we finally made it there, appropriately on National Margarita Day.

It’s fun and casual. We arrived around 1 pm and the line to order was super short. The dining area was relatively full, and the bar was packed. They do have a full bar.

You order and pay at the counter, and the delightful staff brings your drinks and food to your table. I started with the house margarita on the rocks with salt. It was so good. It was nice and cold, not too strong (I don’t love tequila) and the perfect flavor. It was damn good.

I had the trailer park taco, which is fried chicken, green chiles, pico, and cheddar jack cheese on a flour tortilla. I got it trashy, hold the lettuce, add queso. The flavors were perfect. The chicken was cooked just right, and the taco shell held almost all the insides.

I also ordered the baja shrimp taco with grilled shrimp on a corn tortilla. The shrimp was great, and it had cotijo cheese and jalapeños, both of which I love. The chipotle sauce was spicy but with a great flavor. The corn tortilla stayed together until the very last bite.

Trailer park on the left, baja shrimp on the right

The Husband also ordered the trailer park taco, as well as a Republican taco (which was very painful for him to order). It had jalapeño cheddar sausage on a corn tortilla. He loved them both.

The Republican on the left, trailer park on the right

My cousin met us as well and ordered a burrito. It was stuffed full and looked great. He said it was delicious.

We really enjoyed everything at Torchy’s. I’m really glad it’s not closer to me (it’s only about 20 min) because I’m pretty sure I would go for lunch often.

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