Restaurant Review: Bouzy, Tampa, FL

Bouzy recently opened in the completely transformed Hyde Park in Tampa. What used to have a few restaurants and some relatively boring shops is now packed full of restaurants, high-end shops, a cinema, and park with lots of seating.

Bouzy, named after the region in France, is a fancy addition to the area, with a 20+ page menu of mainly bottles of wine, dozens of different types of liquor, and two pages of food.

The restaurant seems pretty small when you walk in the front door. There is a gorgeous bar and a handful of smalls tables. The decor and ambiance is so chic.

We followed the hostess past the bar and small tables and through a door. We entered a gray commercial hallway that looked like the back entrance for staff. We were a little hesitant and very confused.

But then the hostess opened another door and we walked into a gorgeous dining room. It had 20’s chic club vibes. I loved the drama of the entrance from the hallway!

We were overwhelmed by the pages and pages of champagne so we asked for the assistance of the sommelier. He came to the table quickly and, after a few questions, picked the perfect bottle for the three of us to share.

No one was really hungry but the oysters were from Prince Edward Island, which are my favorite. I had to order a half dozen. They were so delicious.

Bouzy in Hyde Park is quite the experience. If you want an evening out where you feel bougie, or want to impress someone, Bouzy is the perfect spot.

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