My Favorite Travel Items on Amazon on Sale Today!

I’ve tested, tried, loved, and hated so many travel items, trying to make travel easier, more enjoyable, or sometimes even tolerable. I have a few must-have items for every trip and they are on sale today!

These are items I’ve used over and over and can’t travel without.

The Musicozy sleep headphones are absolutely necessary if you have a hard time sleeping, especially at hotels or on long flights. They connect via Bluetooth to your phone, so you can listen to your favorite sleepy playlist or app (I use BetterSleep). The speakers are flat and can be adjusted, so they are perfect if you are a side sleeper like me. The band is adjustable, so you can have them as tight (aka dark) as you want. The inside has a mesh lining, so your skin can breathe. The charge lasts a few nights so you don’t need to bring the charger on short trips.

Normally $39.99 but on sale today for $18.39! Total bargain.

My skin tends to get really dry when I leave humid FL, or if I take a long flight, or if I drink more wine than water on a trip. These Dermal Korean sheet masks are the perfect mask for travel! They are individually packaged so you can take only as many as you need and they barely take up any space. They fit perfectly in the mirror holder slot of my Away toiletry bag. My skin feels hydrated, not slimy, after using and it absorbs quickly into my skin.

It comes with 24 masks, normally $24, but on sale today for $14.99! That’s such a good deal that I’m ordering more to stock up on for the move to Italy.

I always have a travel-sized Aquaphor wherever I go. Skin dry? No problem, Aquaphor. Sunburn or any other minor burn? Aquaphor. Forgot your chapstick? Aquaphor. Cut yourself? Aquaphor. I think you get the point. It’s basically a catch all for minor skin issues while traveling.

Three travel-size tubes are normally $17.37, on sale today for $16.41. Not a huge deal but every dollar adds up. I also added these to my cart today.

I get super hot in my sleep, and if I’m staying at hotel with crappy AC or poor circulation, I can’t sleep. I originally bought these handheld fans for an outdoor football game in Miami in the summer (Go Bills!) but I realized you can fold them open and prop them on your nightstand. They have two speeds and the charge lasts forever. I’ve kept it on all night for a couple nights without the battery dying. It’s strong and quiet, and super cute. I carry them in my purse at all times, because I hate being hot and they work so well.

Normally $24.99, on sale today for $14.99.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to get a little motion sick. It’s not terrible but I don’t like it and want to avoid it at all costs. The Husband also gets seasick on basically any boat. This travel-size, less-drowsy Dramamine fits easily into any bag, so I have it ready if we need it. Nothing ruins a trip more than motion sickness!

Normally $5.99, on sale for $3.97. Also another item I stocked up on today.

All of these items have made travel easier for me and The Husband. There are few things as annoying as planning the perfect trip, only for it to get ruined. While I can’t prevent everything, these do help prevent some things.

All links are affiliate links. While it doesn’t cost you more, it does give me a few cents toward my next Amazon order.

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