Ski-in/Ski-Out Airbnb in Ellicottville, NY

I’ve been talking about going skiing since we went to Lake Tahoe last spring. When we decided to come up to Buffalo for the Bills game, we added a few extra days and booked an Airbnb in Ellicottville. I really wanted a ski-in/ski out spot because I’ve always wanted to be able to to just come and go on my skis.

We booked The Nook at SnowPine Village. It was recommended by friends who are related to the owner (this is not sponsored and we paid full price). It was the perfect condo for what I wanted. When skiing was a bust (after I busted my ass twice) I was perfectly content watching the other skiers from the comfort of the cozy, warm living room.

Watching the skiers from the comfort of the living room.

The condo is small but bright and airy and seemed much bigger than it was. It was perfect for two people.

The living room and kitchen area was perfectly appointed with comfortable furniture and all the kitchen supplies you could need.

The bedroom was small but cute. I’m used to a super soft king size bed, so it was a little uncomfortable for my preferences. But again, only just based on my preferences (side note: the Purple 3 mattress, sheets, and pillows are what we have at home and they are amazing).

The bathroom was small but functional. The shower was nice and there was just enough room on the vanity for our toiletries.

There are a lot of stairs to get to the condo. You have to go down a flight of outdoor stairs into the building, and they were not well shoveled or salted. I was sure I was going to fall, but didn’t. Once inside, you go down another flight of stairs, down a hallway, then down another flight of stairs. It made carrying our stuff a little laborious but definitely doable. People with mobility issues would probably have a hard time staying here.

It only took a few minutes to drive into town. I would definitely recommend at minimum AWD to stay here in the winter. The road was not really plowed, and had hills with curves.

Overall, I would definitely recommend staying here, especially if you want to go skiing.

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