Restaurant Review: New York Kitchen, Canandaigua, NY

New York Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) in Canandaigua, NY, next to the amazing Lake House hotel, that is dedicated to create a gateway for people around the world to experience New York’s incredible agriculture and viticulture industries.

They have cooking classes, craft beverage pairing classes, a NYS tasting room, and a full-service restaurant.

On our last trip to Canandaigua, we stayed at the Lake House, mainly so I could try the sauna at the hotel, and we had lunch at New York Kitchen.

The restaurant is upstairs and has lots of windows and natural light during the day, with a lovely view of the lake. There are tons of tables, and lots of room at the bar. They also have local art for sale on the walls.

The restaurant is farm-to-table, using ingredients from local farmers so everything is super fresh. The Husband had the chicken and bacon white pizza, and added pepperoni. He really liked it.

I wasn’t super hungry so I had the mushroom soup and a Cesar salad. The soup was so freaking good!

We took a pizza class there years ago and it was super fun. We made pizzas and paired them with wine and it was awesome. The theater-style classroom was perfect for watching the instructor and learning.

I highly recommend spending a weekend in Canandaigua, staying at the Lake House, and taking a class at New York Kitchen, then eating in the restaurant after.

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