Mayer Brothers Cider Mill

Despite living in St Pete, FL, I love all things fall; pumpkin spice, scarves, the crisp fall air, the leaves changing, cozy sweaters, you name it. But one of my absolute favorite fall things is an apple cider slushie.

There are a few cider mills in WNY but Mayer Brothers Cider Mill is (probably) the oldest and definitely the biggest. It’s located in West Seneca, just outside of Buffalo, and is the oldest family-run business in WNY and is both a WNY icon and a fall staple.

The front of the mill screams fall!

And if you think I’m the only one who feels this way, check out the line early on a Saturday morning!

It was much longer by the time we left

You can get all sorts of wonderful things at Mayer Brothers, including their amazing apple cider, but the absolute best things are the apple cider slushies and the doughnuts. There is something so tasty and refreshing, cold yet cozy, and just wonderfully delicious about an apple cider slushie.

I swear I’m about to fly back to WNY to get another one.

We also got a half dozen of doughnuts and they were so good that every time I grabbed one out of the bag I forgot to take a picture. We had apple cider sugar cinnamon doughnuts and frosted doughnuts and they were all so good. Consistently one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever had.

If you find yourself in the Buffalo suburb of West Seneca in the fall, you absolutely cannot miss a stop at Mayer Brothers Cider Mill.

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