Stony Brook State Park, Dansville, NY

WNY may be know for Bills fans, chicken wings, and tons of snow, but we also have beautiful green spaces, parks, and lots of waterfalls.

Prior to COVID, we spent very little time in nature, preferring cities to hiking. But since the beginning of COVID, we have found ourselves more inclined to check out nature and other outdoor activities.

We decided to check out Stony Brook State Park while we were in WNY for a week. We headed down to Dansville early on a Saturday morning. We quickly stopped to see Clara Barton‘s first chapter of the Red Cross, before continuing on to the park.

We wanted to see waterfalls and birds, so we took the Gorge Trail, which is the easiest (still a lot of stairs) and the most scenic.

We probably would have seen more birds on the Rim Trail, but that seemed too high up and too close to the edge for my afraid-of-heights self. Plus, the Gorge Trail had beautiful waterfalls.

Being a Saturday morning, it was relatively crowded but not terrible. We were still able to get some pics without anyone in them.

We only did the Gorge Trail hike and left, but they have lovely pavilions you could rent with ample picnic tables and grills. The bathrooms were outdated but very clean. There are also tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. You could easily spend the whole day there with friends and family.

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