Restaurant Review: BriteSmith Brew Pub

The Husband is a master at finding delicious restaurants on Instagram. If there’s a new brewery, restaurant, or Instagrammable meal where we’re going to be, he’ll find it. He keeps track of all all of them on his notes, which I will someday put into blog posts.

Anyway, he’s had BriteSmith Brewing in Williamsville, NY (right by the Buffalo airport) on his list for about two years, but every time we go to Buffalo it’s either closed or we have something else to do that isn’t convenient to go to Williamsville, until this last trip. I was up there for a week helping a friend out before The Husband flew up to join me. He flew in on a Sunday afternoon and we headed straight to BriteSmith.

It was a weird time, right after brunch ended but before the usual dinner time, so we got a table right away. We sat outside in the beer garden and it was so nice. The weather was cooler, which was so refreshing to us Floridians.

We ordered the fried chicken sandwich with tots and the diavola pizza to share. We ordered the chicken sandwich with everything on the side so the picky Husband would eat it, but I put everything right back on my half. It was good. It was cooked perfectly and the tomato jam and deviled egg yolk was the perfect balance to the Buffalo sauce we had them toss the chicken in. And the tots were salty, fried perfection.

The pizza was also fantastic! The dough was fluffy yet thin and charred to perfection. The Calabrian chili was just the right amount of spice and was perfectly balanced by the mozzarella.

The beers were also really good. I started with the Pinkies Out, a Belgian Saison, Brewed with Gewurztraminer grape juice. It had a lighter flavor, like a beer crossed with a mild white wine. I also had the 1811 Kolsch, which was super good. The Husband had the BriteSmith IPA and really like it as well.

We actually liked our meal so much that we went again on our way to the airport a week later. My dad and stepmom generally take us to the airport when we’re up there, and we left their house earlier enough to stop for brunch before flying back to Tampa.

It was raining so we sat inside this time. It was pretty loud inside, which made it a little difficult to have a conversation. They don’t take reservations but since we had a flight we called to see how long the wait was. There wasn’t a wait when we called but there was when we got there 25 minutes later. The wait wasn’t too long but definitely noted if we were on a tighter schedule.

Anyway, we ordered a bunch from the brunch menu. We started with the beet deviled eggs with bacon and they were really good, plus the perfect bite size. I hate trying to eat deviled eggs in two bites. It’s entirely too hard to bite them without making a giant mess. I had the lobster roll, and it was the best one I’ve had since I was in New England. The lobster was cooked perfectly and wasn’t at all chewy. My dad ordered the lobster pizza. It was on a white base and it was really good too. The Husband ordered a pizza (of course) and he got the Meat Street this time, which was basically covered in meat. My stepmom had the fried chicken sandwich, and it was just as good as when we had it.

BriteSmite was everything IG made us think it would be, and more. I’m pretty annoyed with myself that we don’t go all the times we were in Buffalo but I’ve very glad we went twice during our last visit.

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