Lobster Rolls of New England

After years of avoiding Boston (I’ve had many bad experiences there that have resulted in it not being my favorite city) I found myself there twice in one month. I decided to make the most of it and eat as many lobster rolls as I could.

The first visit was a last minute work trip without the Husband for a conference. I ended up getting COVID there, so it didn’t help improve my opinion of Boston. (PSA- I’m vaccinated and boosted and I was so sick!) I stayed at the Omni by the convention center, so I started my lobster roll quest at the Omni Sporting Club. It wasn’t on my list but it was very convenient and the staff, predictably, said it was the best lobster roll in town, in their opinion.

The lobster roll came on a delicious grilled bun, and the claw meat was perfectly cooked. The sauce on the roll was too lemony for my preference but it was still really good. It came with a side of fries and spicy kimchi sauce, which stole the show.

Patti Lobster Roll Rating 8/10

That was the only lobster roll I had a chance to try on that short trip. Two weeks later the Husband and I returned to Boston, this time for a week-long road trip around New England. Since I did everything to avoid Boston, the Husband had never been there and I figured it was time to take him.

Our first lobster roll stop was Eventide Oyster Co in Portland, ME. Multiple people told us to go there so I was really excited for this one. The restaurant was pretty popular, based on the wait to get in, but we got a seat at the bar right away. The bartender was awesome and from the Buffalo area, just like us. I ordered the lobster roll, plus half a dozen oysters. The roll was incredible. They use a brown butter that really elevated the lobster roll (pretty sure I’ll only make it that way at home from now on). My only complaint is that it was very small, and it was so good that I wanted a giant one. (Pro tip- you can order their rolls on Goldbelly!)

Patti Lobster Roll Rating 9/10

Our next stop was the Highroller Lobster Co in Portland, ME. This was a recommendation from a local bartender. The place had a quirky diner vibe that I loved.They have tons of options when you order, from amount of lobster to warm or cold to different types of butter or mayo. I order the 2 oz lobster roll warm with butter at the bartender’s recommendation. It was pretty good but the lobster was sticky in my teeth, which drove me crazy.

Patti Lobster Roll Rating 7/10

My next lobster roll was the one I was most excited for, Red’s Eats. It’s your quintessential lobster stand and it’s won so many awards that I lost count while reading them all. There was a long wait outside to order but they are very efficient and it went relatively fast. I wanted to order the entire menu but stuck with the lobster roll with butter. It tasted so fresh and was cooked perfectly. They use a local butter and it was amazing. The Husband (who eats like a child) not only tried it, but actually loved it. One of the freshest, most delicious lobster rolls I’ve ever had. I love when something actually lives up to the hype. (Pro tip-they only accept cash but do have an ATM onsite.)

Patti Lobster Roll Rating 10/10

My final lobster roll was actually a flight of lobster rolls at Bite Into Maine food truck at Allagash Brewing. One of the Husband’s BFFs recommended it and Allagash White is one of my favorite beers, so it seemed like the perfect way to end my lobster roll tour. They offer 4.5 or 6 oz rolls three different ways, or a flight of three mini rolls, one each way. I ordered the flight, which consisted of a Maine roll with mayo and chives, a Connecticut roll with just warm butter (poured from a tea kettle), and a Picnic roll with coleslaw, butter, and celery. I loved the variety and the lobster was cooked to perfection. (Pro tip- you can order their rolls on Goldbelly too!)

Patti Lobster Roll Rating 10/10

I wish I had more time and room in my stomach for all the lobster rolls. We really loved Portland, and the rest of New England, so we’ll definitely be back. Let me know if I missed a must-try roll!

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