Friends Airbnb Tampa

I’m an average to a slightly above average Friends fan. There are so many amazing quips and one-liners from the show that anyone who loves memes, GIFs, or just being lazy with responses has to appreciate Friends.

However, one of my best friends is a mega-super-all-star number one Friends fanatic so when we saw that a Friends-themed Airbnb was opening in Tampa’s Ybor City we had to book it immediately, since she is my lobster.

It was so perfectly detailed that we were super impressed the moment we walked through the door. We couldn’t BEEEEE any more excited! We had a lot of grand plans for our night in Ybor but as soon as we saw the inside we had to pivot and change our plans to things we could do from the Airbnb. Like play Friends-themed games and get pizza!

How amazing does that look inside? They did a fantabulous job making the Airbnb look as authentic as you could in a bungalow in Ybor. Kudos to Frank at @traveltampa for creating this amazing Friends-themed Airbnb.

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