Orlando Beer Spa

I found the Orlando Beer Spa on Instagram a while ago, but I absolutely LOATHE driving from St Pete to Orlando. I4 is the interstate of the devil, full of terrible drivers going slow in the left lane and sudden stops for no apparent reason. If I ever have a stroke or aneurysm, it will be while driving on I4.

When work sent me to the HIMSS conference, I had no choice but to drive down I4 to Orlando. But on the bright side, I knew it was my chance to check out the Beer Spa!

Lobby of the Beer Spa

The Husband and I headed to Orlando a few days before the conference just to relax in a vat of “beer.” We were immediately impressed with how cute and cozy it was. The beer tasting started in the adorable lobby and they even had our names on our spa room door.

There are a few room choices at the spa. You can share a tub or reserve a room with two or four tubs, depending on how many people you have. We reserved a room with two tubs, because I don’t share well.

The best part was the free beer from Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company! There was a tap between our tubs that had three kinds of beer to enjoy to your heart’s content. There was also a wine and Prosecco option.

After 30 min the tub, you’re encouraged to go into the sauna for 10-15 minutes to help seal in the lovely nutrients from the tub.

After the sauna, it’s time to head over to the hay lounge to dry off. I thought it was going to make me itchy, but the sheet was nice and thick and kept the hay off me.

The room had a full bathroom with shower, and the option of listening to Pandora or your own device. They encourage wearing a dark bathing suit to prevent any discoloration, and the foam from the botanicals and hops washed right out of my suit.

If you’re in the Orlando area the Husband and I both highly recommend the Orlando Beer Spa!

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