Six Flags Darien Lake Magic of Lights

A domino of events led me to be back in WNY for the week of Thanksgiving. A rescheduled Bills game with a BFF brought me to my hometown the Sunday before the holiday, The Husband was working Thanksgiving and the day after and I was off, and so I decided to spend some time with the rest of the family in the tundra of WNY.

Freezing and they sucked but we still had a good time!

I love Christmas decorations so much (I put up seven trees on Nov 1st) so I was excited to see that the local amusement park, Darien Lake, had a Christmas light show, the Magic of Lights. I dragged mom along and we were one of the first cars there the night we went.

We were excited and slightly nervous when we found out we had to drive through the actual park. Not only were we in a giant SUV, but I served ice cream at Darien Lake in high school and it felt wrong, almost naughty, to drive a car through the park.

The lights were incredible! There were so many different themes and light tunnels and I loved every part. My favorite was probably the pelican, since I love birds so much.

They also have a Christmas village with shops and treats. I had a dinner to get to so we didn’t have time to stop, but it looked super cute.

If you find yourself in the tiny town of Corfu, NY, and are looking for some Christmas spirit, I highly recommend the Magic of Lights at Darien Lake.

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