Restaurant Review: Patricia’s of Morris Park

On our way from Buffalo, NY to Tampa, FL, we found ourselves going through part of NYC. I knew I couldn’t be that close to NYC without stopping somewhere fabulous for lunch. After some Google searching, Yelp review reading, Scott’s Pizza Tour website creeping, and a name kinship (grandma’s name is Patricia and I was named after her), we decided on Patricia’s of Morris Park in the Bronx.

You could tell the moment that you walked in that the food was going to be authentic Italian. The décor was on point, the owner was sitting at the bar, and the pizza oven was full of flickering fire.


Check out the kitchen!

As I do at all real Italian restaurants, I immediately asked if they could make cacio e pepe, my most favorite dish from our trip to Rome. Even though it’s a simple pasta dish with just noodles, cheese, and pepper, people surprisingly mess it up more times than not. Much to my surprise, the owner sitting at the bar immediately said “of course,” then proceeded to ask me if I wanted it in a cheese wheel. A CHEESE WHEEL! Well, you can guess what I chose.


Look at that slice of heaven!

And it was the best cacio e pepe outside of Italy. I nearly cried tears of happiness when I took my first bite. The pasta was freshly made in house and the cheese was freshly made at my table! It was so good that I didn’t realize that I didn’t offer any to grandma or the Husband until it was gone!

The Husband ordered a margherita pizza, of course. It was huge and fresh and oh so delicious. Exceeded all expectations.



Grandma ordered the lobster bisque. It was creamy and full of flavor and lobster. It was especially good dipped in to with pizza crust!

Please, if you live in NYC or find yourself in the Bronx, stop here. If you’re lucky, they’ll make you cacio e pepe, too!


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