Bar Review: Espit Chupito’s Barcelona 

​Our favorite local bar owner told us that we had to check out Espit Chupito’s while we were in Barcelona. It’s a shot bar, and for just 2 Euros a shot, you get a delicious drink and entertainment.


The shot menu! Look at all those choices!


Well-stocked bar

We only tried a few shots but it seems like they are all flair bartending to the extreme; lots of fire and patron interaction with the bartender and the drink. My favorite shot was a campfire shot, and we got to roast marshmallows and dip it into the shot. So tasty and fun! Check out the video:


Just a little fire, no big deal



The bartender was great and it was fun just watching the other people at the bar do shots. We were definitely glad we made the stop. Thanks again, Perry!

Espit Chupitos is open 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM and they also have multiple locations in Spain and France.

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