Cask Social Kitchen

We FINALLY made it to Cask. This not-so-new anymore restaurant has been high on my to-do list but we kept forgetting to go. Well, lesson learned.

We went for brunch. The Husband loves chicken and waffles and I love brunch, so it just seemed like the perfect time to go.

I started with a bloody Mary. It was just the right amount of tomato, flavor, and vodka. I don’t always love bloody Marys (except on planes for some reason) but I loved this one! It didn’t hurt that the popcorn complimented it perfectly.


I ordered the lobstah. It was a lobster salad on a croissant with potatoes. The lobster and croissant were perfect (can’t go wrong with either) but the potatoes were a pleasant surprise. They tasted just like my grandma’s potatoes when she makes a pot roast. So tasty and nostalgic!


The Husband (obviously) had the chicken and waffles. The waffle was light, fluffy, and delicious and the chicken was crispy, juicy, and perfect. I wanted to steal the plate from him. I would totally order it myself, and I’m not huge on chicken nor waffles.


The decor is rustic yet trendy and so comfortable. I would totally style my house after Cask.


And if that’s not good enough, the service was fantastic! Attentive, helpful, and funny.All around great meal and I can’t wait to go back again.

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