Taste of South Tampa

The 11th annual Taste of South Tampa has come and gone, and I already can’t wait for next year! It was a glorious three hours of gastronomic delights. We had booze, we had food, and we got some pretty great swag.

This year’s Taste of South Tampa was held at the Tampa Garden Club on Bayshore Blvd. It was a beautiful venue, with large, shady trees and a great view of the bay. The ground was a little dirty and I’m sure everyone left with gross feet, but the view was worth it and I’m just glad it wasn’t muddy.

We arrived right at one and worked our way counterclockwise around the whole place.



I must admit, the food and libations were so good that I didn’t take too many photos, which you know is very unlike me!  The Husband reminded me every so often, so I do have a few.


My friend Liz and my first stop. Obviously, beer is the most important part! It’s hot in Tampa, gotta keep hydrated!


Chicken caprese sandwich from the Street Surfer food truck. They also had a delicious champagne based fruit drink.


Cutest little bar ever!


This bacon wrapped slice of heaven was one of my favorites! It was from Player’s Sports Pub, which is surprisingly from a sports bar in a local hotel!


One of my favorites (and everyone else, too, it seems, since they won an award!) from the Centre Club.


The Blind Goat (my personal favorite and my neighbor) brought some delicious dips and refreshing cocktails.


My favorite dessert (albeit the only one I tried) was from Cutie Cakes Bakery. The strawberry cupcakes were so tasty!

There was also a ton of swag given out! Pens, bags, magnets, and my favorite, colored pencils!


Thanks Two Men and a Truck! Look how happy you made us!

We had so much fun at Taste of South Tampa! I love having the opportunity to try new restaurants in the area and now I have a few new ones to add to my “must try” list!

Did you go to Taste of South Tampa? What was your favorite food and drink? Let me know in the comments below!


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