I decided that 2016 was going to be the year that I tried new things. (It started with Monster Jam.) I had some tickets courtesy of TreeHoppers so I decided to give it a try.

The Husband and I went on probably the worst possible day to go. It was cold and raining. But it was also my friend Jessica’s birthday and her (awesome) husband arranged a day of surprises for her, including us meeting her at TreeHoppers.

I need to first say that both the Husband and I are afraid of heights. Like wash a Xanax down with beer/wine when we fly scared (you can read about that here). On top of that, I hate getting wet. I swear I only shower because I’m a germaphobe (and society expects me to).

BUT we love Jessica so we went anyway. And truth be told, we had so much fun!

TreeHoppers is located in what seems to be forest in the middle of nowhere, Dade City, Florida. We thought that our GPS had lead us astray when we finally saw the sign.


The only indication that we found it. There are no signs on the roads leading to it, so just trust your GPS.

When you arrive you must first sign a waiver, then you get fitted with a harness and some gloves. (Tip-fill out the waiver online before going.)



Such funny gloves!

Once you’re all hooked up you have to watch a demonstration on how to hook on and be safe.



Demo over and we’re ready to climb!

I was nervous. I won’t lie. You can choose the level of scariness, from beginner to daredevil. We started with the beginner course. It’s only 15 feet above the ground and not very long. And I made it through.


I know it looks like I’m smiling, but that’s also my terrified face!

Once I got past the first obstacle I was a little more comfortable. I walked ross wooden planks and fire hoses. But the best part? The zip lining! I loved it and so did the Husband! It was so fun!


Afraid of heights but still having so much fun!

The Husband and I called it quits after the first course. It wasn’t even the heights that made us stop, it was the rainy, 53 degree weather. But Jessica and her husband weren’t deterred. They headed right back up!


Crazy kids!


The center area. You access all the courses from this starting point.

Even if you area afraid of heights and don’t love nature and outdoors stuff, you will still have fun at TreeHoppers! I had a lot of fun and I was there during really crappy weather. I bet it’s even more fun on a beautiful, sunny Florida day!




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