Hotel Review: Blum House at Polymath Park

We decided to make a Frank Lloyd Wright weekend as part of our three generation girls trip from NY to FL. We were lucky enough to book the Blum House at Polymath Park to stay at while visiting Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob.

Polymath Park is a small area in the woods of Acme, PA, with three Usonian houses and a restaurant. Unsonian design is a trademark of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was his way of bringing the outside in, while keeping the house affordable. Wright’s Duncan house is the only of the three houses that was actually design by Frank Lloyd Wright, but that was already booked. We stayed at the Blum house, which is a Usonian home designed by Wright’s apprentice Peter Berndston. It is a gorgeous home with a wall of windows, a huge fireplace, and the feel of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, which was perfect for the three of us.


When you arrive at Polymath Park you have to first check in at the Treetops restaurant before proceeding into the woods to the house. There is a small, metal gate that you have to get out of your car and physically open before you can drive down the one way path to the house.


Treetops restaurant, where you check in.

The long, lonely drive is worth the amazing view you get when you arrive at the house.


The Blum House!

The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside.

The living room had the most comfortable furniture and a spectacular, working fireplace!

There was a sunroom off the living room. It was all windows and it looked so beautiful.

The sunroom.

The kitchen was off of the living room and had a table for four and all the modern appliances.


Each bedroom had a queen sized bed and one of the bedrooms had an attached bathroom. The other two bedrooms had a bathroom right next to it.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

The best part of the house was the view from the living room out back. The wall was nearly all windows and had a beautiful view of a field with trees changing color and a pond!


Isn’t that just as beautiful as you can imagine?

Now, the not so fabulous part. You are in the middle of nowhere; the nearest person is about a mile away through the woods. There are no lights outside, only inside, so at night you can’t see out all of those windows. And no, there aren’t any blinds. The house also makes some strange noises. Add the fact that we are three women, ages 30-something to 80-something, with overactive imaginations, and needless to say, we didn’t sleep much at all.

Regardless of the self-induced sleepless night, I would absolutely stay again. Actually, now that I know that I’ll survive the night, I probably wouldn’t be scared. At least, not as much.

Hotel Rating

(Zero being the lowest, ten being the highest)


Cleanliness: 8 (there was a huge spider in the living room, but it is in the middle of the woods)

Friendliness: 10 (the lady that checked us in was also the hostess and waitress at the Treetops restaurant)

Experience: 10 (yes, even with the scary night)

Comfort: 10

Value: 10 (less than $200 for the night FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE!)

Amenities: 5 (no internet but the Keurig was fully stocked and the restaurant was awesome)

Location: 10 (in the middle of nowhere, which I think is part of the charm)

Overall Rating: 10

Referral rating: 10


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