This weekend yet Wednesday I’m just glad I made it home. Thanks to all the rain in Tampa our flight from Denver home was canceled. We decided to play flight roulette and let them send us anywhere that would improve our chance of getting home. We ended up with a night in San Antonio (at our expense, save the flight, of course) and had a great time. However, the staff at Southwest was less than helpful. 

We had to wait in line THREE times to check our bags, and there was an hour long period where they were missing. We had to go through the long security TWICE! And no, Southwest would not upgrade our ticket, even though they canceled the flight! The baggage employee claimed to know that their procedure “sucked” but couldn’t help us. 

The look of exhausted travelers stuck in the very last row of the plane next to a Southwest employee that seemed quite comfortable using part of my seat. 

Where do you wish you were today?

One thought on “#WeekendYetWednesday”

  1. You have the worst luck with SW! But San Antonio sounds wonderful. Even G-Ma said she’d love to go back there

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