Hotel Review: Aloft Asheville

I finally convinced the Husband we should go to Asheville, NC, for a few days. I wanted to see the Biltmore again and I knew he would like it too. And I wanted to check out all the breweries. There are so many in such a small radius.

It seemed only logical that we stay at a hotel that was as central to the breweries and shopping as possible, so we stayed at the Aloft. We had recently stayed at the Aloft in Tampa and enjoyed it, so we knew we would like the hotel.

The parking garage was yet again another public parking garage but there were reserved spots for Aloft guests and a direct entrance to the hotel. It was super convenient and parking was only $5 a day!

We headed up one floor to the lobby. It was super cute and trendy and check in was a breeze.


Snack area of the lobby.

Then I noticed what is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen in a lobby. A dog that’s available for adoption!

IMG_1551 IMG_1550

I really wanted to take Ember home with me. Apparently that’s the point.

After we were all checked in we were each given a little goodie bag with water, coconut cake, and Aloft rubber bracelets.


Nice little welcome bag.

We booked a mountain view king room and we were not disappointed. After being in flat Florida for a few years, it was nice to wake up to such pretty mountains.


What a lovely view.

The room was super nice and comfortable. The furnishings were trendy and functional and I loved everything about it.

IMG_1503 IMG_1504 IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1507 IMG_1515 IMG_1511

They provided a carafe to fill with water from the station in the hallway. It was the first time I’ve seen such an amenity and it was really cool. I always find it annoying when hotels upcharge such hefty prices for water.


Ice and water station.

There were plenty of common areas at the hotel too. Right outside our room (but not outside our windows) was the pool, an outdoor bar (obviously closed while we were there) and a lounge area with a fire pit.

IMG_1536 IMG_1522

Too cold for my Floridian blood out there, but I enjoyed the view from inside the door.

The lobby had a great little bar and a gorgeous fireplace. The bar top was super cool (a common theme at Aloft, check out the amazing one in Tampa). It had tiny little lights that changed color.


Pretty bar top.


Warming up by the fire.

Right next door was the cutest coffee shop I’ve ever seen. It was in an old double decker British bus, a short one they used to use for low tunnels. The coffee was delicious and they had local muffins that were the best I’ve ever had.


When I return to Asheville, and I hope it’s soon, I will absolutely stay here again. Everything about the stay was great and the location was perfect.

5 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Aloft Asheville”

  1. While the place is gorgeous of course, I need tips in convincing husbands! Mine doesn’t travel with me AT ALL. 😀

    Though I think, I’m to blame because I didn’t work hard enough to make him understand my passion for the travel in the crucial initial two years of our marriage. Now he is just too comfortable and unwilling to step put of his comfort zone 🙂

    1. I always tell my husband “just because I married you doesn’t mean I have to stay married to you.” 🙂
      Asheville was an easy sell; they have tons of breweries so the Husband was in to it. Good luck!

  2. The place looks great, thanks for the review.
    I’m looking forward to your review on the
    Asheville breweries you visited.

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