New Year, New You?

People always ask “What are your resolutions for next year?” when this time of year comes around. Just like trying to make grand plans for New Years Eve, I find that resolutions are really just hyped up disappointments.

Why do people enjoy pointing out what they don’t like about themselves and what they plan to change in the new year? Most people I talk to say they want to lose weight. Ok, fine, like most of America you think you’re fat. If you really feel that way, why not start now? Is it the sales on sites like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers that you’re waiting for?

I have a better idea. If you feel like you’re overweight maybe it’s just because you lead an awesome and exciting life. I blame my muffin tops on the poutine in Canada, croissants and wine in France, breweries in Asheville, and all the new amazing restaurants opening here in Tampa.  And I’ll take tight pants over a boring life any day.


Poutine in Montebello, Quebec.



Champagne tasting in Epernay, France.


Flight of beer at Wicked Weed in Asheville, NC.

I probably should learn to be better with money in 2015. I spend way more than I save and it’s almost always on travel. I think that what you learn and see and experience on vacation is worth way more than having a large savings account. How can you put a price on walking around the stones at Stonehenge or crossing Abbey Road? Or the smile on your grandmother’s face when she finally crossed the Canadian Rockies on the train? You absolutely can’t.

DSC_1236 DSC_1042DSC_0158

Now, I’m not saying you should rack up debt or be wasteful. I don’t have credit card debt, my bills are always paid and I own a house. But is a Louis Vuitton purse really more important than a weekend in NYC at Christmas time? I don’t think so.

Maybe it’s because I see people die too young, too early, or without going to the one place they have always wanted to see. You only once have to hear a dying man say “I’ll never get to take my wife to … where I promised I would take her someday.” I will not be that person. I’ve already crossed so many places off my bucket list (most before I turned 30) and this year I’ll cross Italy off in May and India off in November.

We are always a work in process. I’m not going to resolve to be a better me in 2015 because I’m always trying to be the best me that I can. I’m fortunate that my nursing career gives me plenty of flexibility and free time for everything else I like to do. Maybe this year I’ll finally write a book. I’ve wanted to since I was little and maybe this will be the year. Maybe I’ll finally learn how to play something on the piano besides Silent Night. I have my grandma’s piano and Piano for Dummies, maybe I’ll actually find the time for them. But I won’t resolve to do these things, because if I don’t find the time this year, it does not make me a failure. It just means something else was more important this year and maybe next year will be the year.

I wish you a happy and healthy  New Year and I hope the year brings whatever you want, whether you make resolutions or not.



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